Easy transfer of content from Alfresco to an eDepot

Compliance with archive legislation and sustainable access to information

XDEPOT enables easy integration of Alfresco with an archive storage facility such as the eDepot of the Nationaal Archief (National Archive). To achieve this, the XEDEPOT module has been fully integrated into Alfresco.


Sustainable archiving of information

With XEDEPOT, we help government organisations comply with legislation governing archives. We do this by linking their archive to a ‘long-term archive’. Information transferred to this archive is important for the organisations’ own operations as well as from a public accountability, legal adjudication and cultural-historical perspective.

  • Simple: The XEDEPOT module in Alfresco enables compliance with archive legislation.

  • Available: Information is made available to the general public.

  • Efficient: Documents are transferred very quickly.


Ensuring an agile organisation

XEDEPOT has been developed with a view to changes in legislation and the marketplace and makes your organisation sufficiently agile to deal with new standards, information models and regulations. The module incorporates experiences of real-world information transfer.

Meta Data

XEDEPOT will offer support for the new MDTO model as soon as it has been finalised.


XEDEPOT can support many different formats including ToP.


XEDEPOT also supports the early transfer of documents, thus reducing an organisation’s administrative burden.

With XEDEPOT, you have a solution that is fully integrated into Alfresco.


Archive management with control of information

With XEDEPOT, you have a solution that is fully integrated into Alfresco. This makes it easy for archive managers to transfer information ‒ in the right format and checked for completeness ‒ to the eDepot.

  • Governance: XEDEPOT offers a solution that is fully integrated into Alfresco Governance Services.

  • Reliable: Information is transferred to the eDepot after it has been checked for completeness.

  • Streamlined: XEDEPOT optimises the statutory transfer of information.


Flexible adaptation to all formats

Specifically built for integration with Alfresco, XEDEPOT is a sustainable solution with a very flexible design. This makes it possible to carry out transfers not only using the ToPX format but also the MDTO  format if and when it becomes relevant in the future.

  • Versatile: The design of XEDEPOT facilitates working with different data formats.

  • Configurable: The module uses configurable templates for metadata files, based on FTL.

  • Bespoke: Templates can be applied to standard models, your own metadata models or model extensions specific to your business.