NLX Partner Programme

NLX + Partners = Sustainable Information Management

We work together with our partners in order to deliver strategic ECM solutions to our customers. Our partners contribute to making information sustainably accessible by installing our software products in seamless fashion and supplying high-quality work, thereby raising their own profits. NLX partners have managed to increase their turnover year after year.

As a NLX partner, you can sell and install our ECM/archiving products directly as well as maintain them. So join forces with NLX!

Benefits for partners

  • Competitive advantage. As a NLX partner, you receive plug-and-play ECM/archiving products. This saves you both time and energy because there is no need to get involved in any development activities. You have a competitive advantage from the moment you deploy our products. Reinforcing your position in the market is central to our partnership.

  • Profitability. As a NLX partner, the annual licensing model increases the value of your company. You generate turnover from our subscription model every year. The model raises the value of your company through substantial software margins so you can resell it to your own customers. Increasing your turnover is central to our partnership.

  • Joint marketing. As a NLX partner, you can run campaigns with us. With our marketing campaigns and the NLX marketing platform, we can promote our own propositions as well as those of our partners. Not only can we develop case studies together but we can also do the prior marketing campaigns jointly. We offer the full support you need to realise sales. Generating leads is central to our partnership.

NLX Partner Programme details

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