Organised collaboration on content in Alfresco

User-friendly viewer with extensive features

XVIEW is a viewer for all content in Alfresco. It offers a user-friendly, simple and secure way of collaborating on documents. The application is already used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people for automatic annotations, quick opening of large files and anonymising content.


User-friendly viewer with extensive features

Collaboration on content like documents and videos is made easy. In Alfresco, you can view and share such content. With XVIEW, you can also edit the content as well as add annotations and labels.

  • Adaptable: You can view and work with more than three hundred file formats, including PDF, TIFF and AutoCAD among others.

  • Flexible: Information can be accessed from any device, at any moment and from any location, making XVIEW ideal for remote working.

  • Fast: There is no need to wait for downloads. XVIEW streams content directly to any device.


XVIEW is a web-based solution

XVIEW is a web-based solution and integrates easily into existing systems. The solution is built with technology supported by any popular web browser. This gives your users the mobility to be productive anywhere and makes it much easier to manage.


With the web application, users can always access the content they need.


Modern streaming technology makes it possible to work with large files and via poor internet connections.


The powerful underlying engine converts content to popular file formats such as PDF, MP3 and MP4.

XVIEW gives your users the mobility to be productive anywhere and makes management much easier.


Archive management with control of information

With XEDEPOT, you have a solution that is fully integrated into Alfresco. This makes it easy for archive managers to transfer information ‒ in the right format and checked for completeness ‒ to the eDepot.


XVIEW makes work easier

The idea behind XVIEW is straightforward: make work easier precisely where environments are complex and information often seems inaccessible. Behind this simple principle lies a complex solution, with a large number of features that help users become more productive.

  • Productive: Log statistics can be viewed to give insight into the content you work with.

  • Secure: With privacy at the core of XVIEW’s design, personal and classified data are protected.

  • Multifunctional: Documents can be compared and annotated so you can work and collaborate faster.