XCOLLAB - The online collaboration platform for secure content exchange

Controlled collaboration on documents with external parties

XCOLLAB is an online collaboration platform that allows you to work together securely with external parties and can be integrated into your own systems very easily.

Ideal collaboration solution for quick file exchange

Good collaboration requires the exchange of documents and files with external staff and supply chain partners. This can be done in a controlled and secure way with the collaboration software of XCOLLAB, an app that facilitates easy collaboration on documents within a single platform and secure file sharing with external parties such as private individuals and supply chain partners.


User-friendly online collaboration

XCOLLAB is a user-friendly application that staff should be able to handle without any difficulty. They have complete control over how and with whom they share documents, making it very pleasant to work with external partners, private individuals or customers.

  • Clear: You know at all times who has access to documents or files.

  • Controlled: As a collaborator, you fully determine how you share something.

  • Convenient: You work together with notifications and action lists.


Secure Microsoft online collaboration software

XCOLLAB entails several measures that make it possible to work and collaborate securely. One example is eHerkenning (eRecognition), which enables the system to arrange proper authorisation as well as start or end collaboration with various parties at any moment.


Companies and governments can log in securely with eHerkenning.


Users can only add or read documents or process tasks with a personal login.


A collaboration can be started or ended at any time.


Archive management with control of information

With XEDEPOT, you have a solution that is fully integrated into Alfresco. This makes it easy for archive managers to transfer information ‒ in the right format and checked for completeness ‒ to the eDepot.


Controlled online collaboration

XCOLLAB offers full control of any document exchange. Among other things, the solution gives clear action lists and keeps track of which document versions have been shared. It is delivered as a SaaS solution.

  • Clarity: Clear action lists show immediately who has which tasks.

  • Insight: You know which document versions have been shared and with whom.

  • Integration: Your internal environment is seamlessly integrated with your external environment.

XCOLLAB offers full control of any document exchange.