Use Cases

These are just some of the cases we work on every day.

How do you, as a municipality, store millions of geographic information objects for the design of a residential neighbourhood? How do you make sure that you will still be able to retrieve this information without any problem in twenty years’ time? As another example, how do you guarantee that permits for power generation are archived not just in the right way but in a secure way so that, for every question you get later, you will have a well-founded answer at your fingertips?

These are just some of the cases we work on every day. We link our standard solutions to the existing structure without any difficulty so that there is no need to build a completely new environment. Our solutions run smoothly at government data centres like ODC and SSC-ICT as well as in the public clouds of Azure and AWS, to name a few examples.

Successful go-live of digital archive at CIBG

In order to comply with the ‘Archiefwet’ (Archives Act), the CIBG had to switch to a digital archive. With the help of NLX Software, a digital archive system has now been set up.

Samenwerkportaal for secure collaboration

Performing inspections, issuing official documents or processing permit applications. XCOLLAB offered the solution in the form of a secure and user-friendly collaboration portal.

Integrating case and document management

To simplify the IT landscape of central government agencies, DICTU developed RijksZaak, a platform that bundles case data, processes, files and interaction in one system.