XPROCESS - A CSP designed on the basis of Alfresco API

Power up your content services with XPROCESS

The API for optimal integration with all business applications

XPROCESS is a plug-and-play solution that has all your business logic pre-configured in Alfresco. This saves considerable implementation and completion time. With XPROCESS, we make sure that the link between all your applications and the CSP is simple and secure. Moreover, it ensures all API messages are validated and errors are handled automatically.


Alfresco content management API for easy integration

XPROCESS enables easy integration between Alfresco and numerous business applications. XPROCESS validates all API calls to Alfresco, supplements them where necessary and routes them in the right context.

  • Pre-configured: Data models, security, rules, etc. are all configured in advance.

  • Fast: Implementation time is shortened.

  • Uniform: Integration occurs within the architecture.


Standardised integration for all connections

Standardised integration for all connections saves any organisation considerable time.


Integration is standardised for all connections.


There is a data-model and error check.


XPROCESS contains pre-configured rules and behaviour.


Integrated systems for clear management

Many organisations that create links for their Content Services Platform run into the problem that these quickly become complex and difficult to manage. We solve this with XPROCESS. 

  • Automatic: API call validation and error handling are automatic.

  • Centralised: All connections are configured in a single location.

  • Versatile: Integration is possible with many formats including PEGA, Tibco, BlueRiq, Mendix and Outsystems.


Alfresco API authentication as the basis for secure online work

When an API message has been validated, its content is linked to the right location and to any accompanying file plan. The content will then also be assigned the appropriate level of security.

  • Automated: Security is fully automated.

  • Continuity: File plans are created automatically.

  • Accurate: There is a mechanism for the authentication and authorisation of every call.

XPROCESS is a plug-and-play solution that has all your business logic pre-configured in Alfresco.