About NLX

NLX Software makes information sustainably accessible for your organisation. Add structure to content and get a grip on information, now as well as in the future.

  • Sustainable information management

  • In control of your information processes

  • Clear and user-friendly

  • Easy to integrate

  • Accurate information anytime and anywhere

ECM/archiving products

Our standard ECM/archiving products bring order and structure to your information processes.


Our user-friendly software products simplify the management of information in your organisation.

Get a grip on information!

Power up your content services

Easy transfer of information from Alfresco to an eDepot with XEDEPOT

Controlled collaboration on documents with external parties with XCOLLAB

Edit all your favourite files in Alfresco
with XEDIT

XVIEW lets you view, annotate, redact and update content at high speeds

Secure and easy document management in Microsoft Teams with XTMS

NLX products can be applied very broadly and are very easy to use.

Enterprise content management (ECM)

ECM makes it quick and easy for organisations, including government bodies, to store unstructured information such as emails, postal flows and collaboration environments in a single central location. With ECM, you get the right information anytime and anywhere.

Alfresco Content Services platform

Alfresco is an open source content services platform which organisations can use to manage and archive all of their content in a central platform. This allows users access to information from the applications they work with every day such as Microsoft Teams.