About us

Secure and sustainable information management

We make it possible for organisations, including government bodies, to exchange information in a secure, clear and transparent manner. We bring control and structure to information through the deployment of our products. These products prepare organisations for future digital challenges such as Robot Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning.

What we do

It is a challenge to create a future-proof organisation in a continuously changing digital world. Organisations are recording more and more types of information automatically, bypassing formal information flows. Examples include emails, task and business applications, ERP and CRM systems, draft documents on network drives, copies in personal files and information in platforms like MS Teams and Sharepoint. It is essential to get on top of all this content. But how do you get all the information under control? How do you get the desired structure and governance in place so that only the right people have access to your information? How do you ensure that you comply with the archival legislation?

NLX has developed standard ECM/archive products to put your data housekeeping in order. One such product is XCOLLAB, a collaboration environment. We focus on the user by creating links to MS Teams, Sharepoint and Pega Systems, among others, and by ensuring that you can access the information directly. Do you want to organise all the information relating to a project in MS Teams and Sharepoint and archive it as a whole? Not a problem. The XTMS app makes sure that all information surrounding the project is collected and labelled in a standard Alfresco content services platform.
All the information in the system can then also be turned into data so that AI or robots can read it. You will thus be prepared for the future. If you want optimal information management, have a look at all of our standard products.

We build software products that give you a grip on information. This is how we contribute to making the world’s memory sustainably accessible.