Alfresco’s content services platform:
content management in a single platform

Alfresco is an open-source content services platform. The software offers organisations a central platform where they can manage all their content. This allows users access to information from the applications they work with every day such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams as well as case and task applications. Here, our XPROCESS product can be of help. We make sure that all applications are linked securely to the CSP. During the linking process, we organise information in a way that ensures it complies with all legislation and regulation and fits in with existing procedures. This is the strength of NLX Software: applied in a sustainable and simple way without any prior knowledge.

Alfresco’s content services platform: modern and fully managed platform

The Alfresco Content Services Platform offers organisations secure and flexible ways of storing files and documents in a fully automated, verifiable and structured manner. Our XTMS application is an accessible app for the retrieval, management and archiving of documents from collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive. The application provides a complete audit trail for all documents and prevents irregularities in your records. We adapt the digital business platform by means of integrations and add-ons that are in line with the specific needs of your organisation.

Governance service platform: simplifying control and compliance with legislation and regulation

The governance model offered by the Alfresco Content Services Platform makes it easier for organisations to comply with all legislation and regulation, from archiving documents in PDF/A through the automation of document retention periods to the use of audits to show who has access to information. Our products help you to automate, manage and archive your information. XEDEPOT is a simple and efficient app for the sustainable transfer of information to an archive repository such as the Nationaal Archief’s (National Archive’s) e-Depot, Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library) or your local archiving service.

Connectors: flexible collaboration in a familiar environment

A connector, or application programming interface (API), makes it possible to offer other systems and software access to a system. This includes actions ranging from the retrieval, generation, editing and storage of content to the sending of emails. With XPROCESS, NLX offers a standard platform with plug-and-play APIs. Some examples of sources that we link to the Alfresco Digital Business Platform via XPROCESS are PEGA, SAP, Blueriq, OutSystems and Mendix. Our products allow you to implement a clear access management regime in your organisation and ensure all information complies with legislation and regulation. Alfresco Content Services Platform software is an easy-to-use option that takes care of the digital information management of your organisation. With our six ECM/archiving products, you are ready for the future.

Implementation: simple integration with a content services platform

Will you do it yourself or opt for our Alfresco solution?  If you do it yourself, you can select the standard Alfresco platform and configure a digital business platform for your organisation. If you choose the Alfresco solution, we will use XPROCESS to link all applications simply and securely  to Alfresco. XPROCESS is a plug-and-play solution that has all your business logic preconfigured. The app takes care of the validation of all API messages and automatic handling of data leaks or technical errors. We guarantee lower costs and a shorter time to implementation. You can get started immediately.