Take the next step in document management!

Does your organization work with Alfresco for managing and editing documents? Then of course you want these documents, which often contain sensitive information, to remain in one place. So easy to manage, for findability and of course due to legal requirements.

We make several products that make working with documents in Alfresco easier. Think of quick (with one click) access to different files, exchange of documents, correct archiving and links with other systems. Easy to work anytime and anywhere with Alfresco? Then discover the power of our fully integrated solutions.

Power up your content services with XPROCESS

XPROCESS is a plug-and-play solution that has all your business logic pre-configured in Alfresco. This saves considerable implementation and completion time.

Easy transfer of information from Alfresco to an eDepot

XEDEPOT enables easy integration of Alfresco with an archive storage facility such as the eDepot of the Nationaal Archief (National Archive).

Secure and easy document management in Microsoft Teams

XTMS, you can use Teams to work together on documents without having to worry while at the same time complying with regulations on archiving.

Edit all your favourite files in Alfresco

XEDIT, you can edit all the content managed in Alfresco via a single click in a source application on your PC and use Alfresco as a web interface to edit.

Organised collaboration on content in Alfresco

XVIEW is a viewer for all content in Alfresco. It offers a user-friendly, simple and secure way of collaborating on documents. The application is already used worldwide.

Controlled collaboration on documents with external parties

XCOLLAB, good collaboration requires the exchange of documents and files with external staff and supply chain partners. This can be done controlled and secure.

Archiving information with ease and accuracy

XSUITE runs on Alfresco’s Content Services Platform. Alfresco is an open-source content services platform. It offers organisations a central platform for storing and managing content.