Come work with us and reinforce the NLX team!

From our offices in Amersfoort, we build innovative software solutions. We work for national and international organisations and our ambition is to grow into a GOVTECH top 10 partner. Our team consists of developers, technical consultants and implementation specialists. Our products are centre stage, optimised continuously and expanded with additional functionalities where necessary. We advise CIOs and information managers of large organisations on digitisation, collaboration, information governance, the Open Government Act (Wet Open Overheid ) and the Archive Act (Archiefwet).


Do you want to come and reinforce our team? We are specialists who take charge and we are goal-oriented. We know exactly what problems our customers are struggling with and inspire organisations with innovative solutions that can be applied in a practical way. We explain complex material in simple fashion so that our software gives a clear answer to the question in hand.