Enterprise content management (ECM):
information stored in a single central location

NLX enables organisations, including governments, to exchange data in a simple, orderly and transparent manner. We offer products that provide direct access to information, work processes, authorisations and AI. Our tools, moreover, allow quick and easy collaboration. With our help, organisations can prepare themselves for future digital challenges. With enterprise content management (ECM), your organisation can capitalize on digital innovation and thus achieve better service provision as well as more efficient work processes.

What is ECM?

ECM makes it easy for organisations to store fragmented information from emails, postal flows, collaboration environments and media files in a single central location. An ECM system facilitates document management so that documents are archived and disposed of in a timely and lawful manner. Our ECM/archiving products provide the appropriate structure for the digital management of your organisation’s information.

Digital transformation: ready for the future with ECM

ECM supports the digital transformation of your organisation. Companies like, Markplaats and Coolblue dominate their markets because they offer services that fully satisfy the needs of their customers. Other companies as well as government organisations can also offer their services to customers and citizens in a user-friendly way. The digital transformation of work processes makes it easier to retrieve, search or access information. This brings with it certain benefits:
  • Service: more personalised and proactive digital service provision
  • Efficiency: quick identification and resolution of errors in a document flow
  • Truth-finding: sustainable access to information now and later

Document management system (DMS): a single digital file

A document management system (DMS) organises and manages all information from ongoing projects in a digital file, from creation to archival. ECM makes digital document management possible. With a DMS system, digital files are automatically created and filled with the required documents. Our XEDIT application offers a low-threshold way of editing documents in your browser. The app provides automatic version control so that all users work in the most recent version of any document. With the XVIEW app, you can see the latest version of a document in your browser, make annotations and mask confidential information in documents.

Content services platform (CSP): open and accessible ECM system

A content services platform is a generic content platform that can link multiple applications for  the purpose of organisation-wide collaboration on and the storage and management of documents. It is a quick and easy way for organisations to integrate digital technology with daily tasks. In the content services platform, all ECM functionalities are automated via XPROCESS. Our standard products simplify integration and the work processes, reduce the risk of human error and lower costs.

Data governance: guarantee data privacy and security with ECM

Data governance is a must if sensitive data is to remain secure. An ECM system supports the privacy and management of your organisation’s data. Our sustainable and future-proof applications make it easy to incorporate an entire data governance structure into your organisation. We use XPROCESS to link task applications, your customer portal or any other business applications to the content services platform. At the same time, the app automatically puts documents in the right files together with appropriate clearances. Furthermore, we organise the information in such a way that it complies with legislation and regulation.

Information governance: ECM system simplifies information management

Information governance is about an organisation’s transparent way of arranging, managing as well as disposing of information in accordance with the Archiefwet (Archive Act). Government organisations are finding it difficult to cope with the exponential growth in data and to comply with the accompanying government regulations for the archiving and management of information. This can be resolved by an ECM system. In our XCOLLAB collaboration environment, we offer a work process that ensures all relevant parties that work with the application receive the right information. With XCOLLAB, we take care of the organisation, archiving, security and accessibility of your data. Enterprise content management (ECM) makes all your information accessible as well as easy to search. In this way, your organisation gives the right people direct access to the right files.